Recently fashion has been speaking to me within the past couple months, I've always been into the art of it but this time I thought I'd do something about it. I was introduced to a clothing brand called GPPR by a friend of mine. He took me to their office in downtown LA I was completely inspired by their craft. Everything from the style, to the material and down to the little details. The brand has some real character and I love everything about it.

The Gentleman, the Philosopher, the Pervert and Rebel are the four aspects of a mans personality. They are intertwined with one another and are present in each action he takes. In this video I wanted the character to represent that while focusing on the clothing.

Hope you enjoy my experimentation in movement and fashion, this video was not meant to be a dance video nor a clothing commercial. It just is exactly what you see. I tried to make sure the dancing wasn't too much because I still wanted to you to focus on the character and the clothing. I also tried to differentiate between each side of him. I hope I represented the brand well enough and told a story of a GPPR man.

Special thanks to Richard Che and Qui Truong for all the hard work! Also thank you to Ellen Kim, Sofie Loken and Michelle Abuyaghi! it really meant a lot for the time put in. also MikeFal for your car and Amanda Suk for helping out.

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a movement lifestyle experience coming to you feb-mar 2012

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