Workshop and live performance with Claudio Sinatti and Asferico in collaboration with O' Associazione No Profit and Festival Flussi.
28 August 2010 | Teatro Carlo Gesualdo | Avellino

Live Video Ensemble

Live Video Ensemble is a live generative video project conceived by Claudio Sinatti and performed by a 10 element ensemble together with a musician.
The shows follow a 2/4 day workshop in wich 10 people are prepared for the execution of the performance.
During the show the musician and the ensemble compose a single, abstract, completely improvised, yet perfectly synced, audio-video stream.
The visual track is performed in real time, using a custom generative software.
Images are controlled by the ensemble through a set of midi instruments connected to a single computer.
The software recieves the music and the performers can link it to different image parameters as well as controlling the scene manually.
The result is a highly organic audiovisual show in wich the sounds seem to be produced directly from the images.
The 4 day workshop preceding the show has the function of preparing the attendees for the performance.

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