Traveling needs minimal kit.

Got Canon SX230. Size of two iPhones glued together.

14x optical zoom. HD 1080p24/720p30/480p120 (!). Test needed.
Horse festival in my backyard. Shoot that in HDs.

Done. Now edit on porta-laptop. MacBook Air (MBA).

First cut in iMovie 9. Kinda limited. But quick.

Then ported to Final Cut Pro X for tweaks. Never did that before. Works like a charm. Caveats: Titles need re-jiggering. Surprise: Ken Burns effect ports perfectly.

Irudis Tonalizer used for needy scenes. Shadow boosts and highlight recovery. Much better than standard adjustments. Tweaked sharpness where necessary. Quick. Positive. Won't leave home without it.

Canon got good stuff. Not as good as dedicated HD camcorder, but very decent. 12MP stills, too. Focus wanders in fast moving action shots sometimes. Learning the habit of Manual focus lock.

Editorial: Manufacturers need to understand that three fundamental buttons need to be on all cameras in an ergonomic spot: Focus Lock / Exposure Lock / WB Lock. Estimate time of realization to set in: 2018.

Image Stabilization = Big Deal at Canon. It shows. Full zoom = 392mm in 35mm terms. Wide = 28mm. All this hand-held.

Now let's see it work as a travel system.

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