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Olympic Peninsula Road trip. The title of this short film is from my brother Robins blog post about our trip around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Robin, Nici and I spent three days in the rain hiking the beautiful rugged coast line of the Olympic peninsula. The coast there is such an incredibly beautiful place at this time of year (December -January). It feels so deserted and desolate on the windswept coast and there are very few people willing to put up with the cold wind and constant rains.

We also visited the Hoh Rainforest, a land of mist and moss. There we saw salmon spawning in a stream and a herd of elk. Seeing elk in a setting like that made me feel as though I had entered a fantasy world. The rainforest there is a magical place, it felt as though we were in a Hayao Miyazaki film like Princess Mononoke.

Robin took some video and time lapses on his Minolta XL-601 super 8 film camera which will likely turn out amazing. Cant wait to see that.

Robins vimeo

Music: The Stars In Spring by epic45

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