Blacklit Lines, 2009
—Directed/Animated/Recorded, Jim Downer
—Music, Monroe Community Choir
—Hand Drawn, 2D animation
—Pencil, Berol Prismacolor, Index Cards
—Digitally Composited, AE
—3 Minutes 30 Seconds

Recovering from eye surgery, beneath bandages, I was unable to see for five days. Blacklit Lines was animated during this time of convalescence.

Interested in what could be produced with the mind's eye and tactile memory, the same series of index cards were worked over once a day. The graphic compositions were purely the result of coincidence. Although memory and intent were involved, the interactions of lines and shapes were unforeseen.

What the mind's eye holds is ephemeral, as is the persistence of vision. For this reason, black frames were placed between each drawing. Half of the art is latent imagery. The viewer's perception becomes part of the process, but in reverse—from actual image to imagined. The process and film are palindromes.

Jim Downer, 01/05/2012

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