timeforchange.tv Video Submission:

This video was shot primarily in Harper, Kansas (with a dash of Wichita). The idea was to describe a food system that we all are familiar with - milk - and then relate it to how MEDA works to right food systems/security in other countries.

I think there is often a disconnect in how we view food in the "western world" and how it is viewed globally. I wanted to emphasize that we there are a lot of pieces in a larger machine that we (as Americans) take for granted, pieces that might not be there in other countries. Also, I'm continually surprised about the lack of knowledge of where our food comes from.

I chose milk, because, well, it just made sense. Joe lives about 2 miles west of my house and the owner of the grocery store is my neighbor. Cows abound around my house, and milk is something that I've always enjoyed - usually with cookies, always with cereal, and every now and then with coffee.

This was a fun project to work on.

- Daniel Penner

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