ESPN was looking for a new way to dramatize the Open Championship golf tournament in its 140th year. They also wanted to celebrate and feature the notoriously difficult St. George’s course known for its blind spots, fickle seaside weather and one of the deepest bunkers in the game. Drawing on the lore of Saint George who was beatified for slaying a dragon, we decided to imbue the rolling green landscape of the course with an almost mythological power to turn the tournament into an epic battle between man and nature. Since dragon slaying and golf both involve hitting a big green thing with shiny metallic sticks, it just made sense.

Client: ESPN
VP Creative Serv: Jon Achar
Sr Creative Director: Bill Schreitmueller
Supervising Producer: Geoff Bird

Exec Producer: Chris Gargani
Creative Director: Aaron King
Writer/Producer: Lauren Muir
Head of Production: Katie Larkin
Art Director: Steven Harper
VFX Artist: Paul Todaro
VFX Artist 2: Dom Amatore
Maya Artist: Lee Mylks
Compositing: John Stanch
Editor: David Gargani

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