MGFX Studio were happy to work beside the brilliant Rushes CG commercials department in bringing this high end commercial for Hyundai's new car to life. Storyboarding, design and vfx compositing were all executed within the department. According to lead designer Barry Corcoran "Much time was spent in the storyboarding stage by the team in creating a look that the client was happy with".

Once this was achieved the team set about executing all compositing tasks that were required. Extensive tracking, keying and rig removal were completed by Matt Lawrence and Brad Le Riche to create final plates.

Whilst this was underway the CG commercials team of Andy Hargreaves and Chris Hutchison were busy modelling and animating all other 3d requirements according to client requests.

The two teams worked simultaneously side by side on separate sections allowing for quicker turn around and an overall smoother workflow. Once these tasks were finished, Corcoran set about tracking in dynamic lens flares and lighting effects to pull all elements together into a cohesive piece.

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Rushes Producer: Carl Grinter
Maya: Andy Hargreaves, Chris Hutchison,
David Loh
Nuke: Andy Hargreaves, Chris Hutchison
After Effects: Barry Corcoran, Matt Lawrence, Brad Le Riche

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