So I've done some test thats make the FS100 look a little shonk

Today I do the camera a favour

It is still a stress test me unsing no lights or fill and throwing all those highs into the background

If a camera can be used like that it will walk anything else..

Ive got a REC 709 profile, pretty standard just sat dialled down a little,

Firstly I basically exposed to keep most of the image below 70 - thats probably 2 stops down from my typical

Four stop ND outside did not get me wide open!

Then I graded taking 90% of the saturation out of values above around 85%

Result, Im even getting some looks that are almost Nikon like !

Lessons, skip the Cinetone 2 - it crushes the mids too much, treat 90% like it was 100% on the his to

Pleased with this lot

BTW the images on the right are the ungraded ones!

Have a look for the halo round the light that I have cured and also the green outside the windows etc...

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