Since Copenhagen is one of the most bike-friedly city around the globe we decided to launch this new little project. Here's a little teaser to promote it. Listed below all the info you'll need to participate.

Filmed and Edited by Mattia Abeni

Camera: Canon 5D Mark ii
Editing and Color Grading: FCPX

Are you familiar with that say that in some cases wants animals to look like their owners? Do you think this theory could be also applicate between a person and his bicycle?
Feel free to answer a few quick questions and see if your ride reflects who you are.

DIN CYKEL is the new Project of Copenhagers, to participate you just need to answer the questions listed below.

To attached a picture of your ride or a picture of you and your bicycle please send it to --->, we will process it as soon as possible.

- Your Name, your age and where you come from

- When and how you got your bike (what's the story behind it)

- What makes cycling and your bicycle special to you

- Do you think that your ride somehow reflects the person you are?

- Additional info regarding you or your bicycle

Notes: Everyone can participate in this, no matter where you live or the type of bicycle you have; from a fixie to a cargo-bike, from a city-bike to your old granpa's ride. The material (pictures and answers) can also be posted on our FB Wall, we will then provide to organize it and post it on the dedicated web-page. We will collect the whole material and the answers in our page, which will be then weekly updated with your stories.

As H.G. Wells once said: ''Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.''

Love, Copenhagers

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