“Wet” is an experimental video conceived as a dream collage. In the principal scenes, various artifacts of TV media are subjected to a forceful purifying water barrage. I collaborated with computer animator Francisco Olivares to create a waterspout sequence designed to overwhelm a series of abstracted TV scenes. A second animated water sequence depicts the flooding of the physical detritus of our media infrastructure. Additional interludes depicting wetness round out the video’s visual episodes.

In this video, I wanted to merge the distinct creative processes of computer animation and real-time video, with, as Francisco suggests, "many different concepts of water being the storyteller". Francisco and I collaborated remotely to generate these sequences - he's in Mexico City and I'm in Baltimore. Using Dropbox, we first spent many weeks reviewing sketches and drafts. When we were ready, Francisco took my HD video sequences and rendered them in conjunction with the animated water sequences he created using the Maya 3D computer animation program.

Note that the water animation sequences in "Wet" aren't just superimposed over the video sequences - the video information seen through the "water" is instead credibly reflected and refracted by Maya, and the result is a more believable and natural effect depicting water action. The rendering time of the individual frames that make up this video ranged from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the complexity of the lens effects that the various splashes of "water" introduced. As complicated as the entire process was, all stages of our collaboration were managed successfully using the remote sharing capabilities of Dropbox.

"Wet" was selected by the 2012 Athens International Film & Video Festival, Athens, Ohio, in April 2012.

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