Alek Sandar's solo single "Creature In Me" is a modern approach to commercial club music; composed, written and produced by the talented young artist himself.
Inspired by, and packed with, numerous infamous night life shining lights and artists from New York, Alek Sandar gives his debut as Creative Director in the official video clip to encompass the release of "Creature In Me" on January 1st 2012.
This fashion film videtorial features one of a kind designs, jewelry, shoes and costumes created by some of New York's most high-end designers. The viewer is enchanted by Cirque du Soleil artists, international performers and a very special guest appearance by fellow Splendid Sounds Records artist Yozmit.

Watch yourself how Alek Sandar fights the battle with the Creature in himself, how Good and Evil antagonize the bitter end and what roles fashion, love, betrayal, God and belief play in Alek Sandar's artistic approach to expressing his inner self.

© 2012 Splendid Sounds Records

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Creative Director Alek Sandar
Cinematographer Peter Dmitriyev
Art Director Francis Vasquez
Production Director Slaveya Starkov
Production Director Angela Cullen
Production Assistant Jose Castillo
Stylist Donald Hicks
Jewelry and Accessories Andy Lifschutz
Jewelry and Accessories Danielle Hill
Shoe Designer Daniel Nieto
Airbrush & Make-Up Irenne Unzueta
Make Up Artist Tomy Rivero
Hair Stylist Vincent Lann
Decorative Hair Anotoinette Johnson
Making Of Video Stacey Thiel

Creatures involved
Alek Sandar
Higher Being Yozmit
Yozmit Assistant Gage Boone
Bizarre Model Melanie Gaydos
Creature "Chip" Chip Cirrhosis
Sadomasochist Philip Defacto Obsolete
Lead Girl Bianca Hirsch
Performer (Horse & Fire) Lara Jacobs
Performer „Mirror Man" Jonathan Nosan
Guitar Boy Sebastian Castillo
Models Viktoria Hofstaedter Amanda Gee Bianca Hirsch Denise Dietrichs Little Indhi Christian Scott Isaac Manuka Joe Buffa
Extras Ji Kim Gage Boone Jose Castillo

Special Thanks to Gary Hall, AnNur DeCosta, Andrea Del Pino, Danielle Hill, Daniel Nieto,

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