Robertina Šebjanič & Mari Lagerquist
Connected by Signals
in collaboration with: Ulrich Hansen

This video was part of the exhibition 'Connected by Signals' at the Gallery Herman Pečarič in Piran, Slovenia. It is based on e-mail correspondence going on for one year between Roro and Mari....
So we did this piece during one week of working together in Piran - a small city in Slovenia - where we had an expo in a lovely gallery next to the Adriatic Sea.


and here is one more lik to the book I DO DESPERATLEY NEED TO TALK - The book is based on email conversations between Robertina Sebjanic and myself prior our joint exhibition Connected by Signals at Herman Pecaric Gallery, Slovenia. The cut out sentences creates a loose and fragmentised narrative where connections and loopholes grows as the reading develops.

The text has been edited by Ulrich Hansen.
Front cover; part of a digital print that I showed at the exhibition.

Hand printed 2009 in a limited edition of 28 books.

This is an exhibition with which the authors deal with the people's constant need and desire to map the world they exist in and to define own position. By doing so people are constantly deciding about the meanings of things they meet. They are inventing stories intended for memory and to be recalled at other occasions. Thus the thought flows and the world keeps going. At the same time there are other processes occurring outside of the human awareness. The world is in motion by itself and causes disturbance and confusion on the map of the universe. The person is driven to act and interact. It encourages him to step over the boundaries of bare communication and reinvent new meanings and stories.
text: Vasja Nagy

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