3-Channel Digital Video

“Tulipomania / EverQuest” explores how we impart value to ephemeral things by juxtaposing the sensations of 17th century Tulipomania and the spirit of the contemporary videogame EverQuest, within a graphically animated video.

3 videos compose the project, "Turk Tulipo", "PA-Dutch Tulipo", and "Neth Tulipo", which portray independent scavenger hunts—tracing the presence and symbolism of the tulip motif within three distinct locations and cultures. Synched in timing and playback: when all three videos display the same animated tulip sequence, a 3-of-a-kind / jackpot "game response" is activated, presenting tulip flowers blowing in the breeze to bombastic music.

The video involves a visual interweaving of images collected and photographed on location in the Netherlands, Turkey, and Pennsylvania, rendered graphics of the tulip as icon, and recorded footage of the actual flower. The still images and time-based footage compose an experimental, non-narrative sequence within a game interface similar to a slot machine, utilizing animation, sound and montage to create a synchronized 3- channel video installation.

Audio, Video, and Adventure: Jennifer Schmidt

*The quality of the video is compromised by viewing all video channels in 1 frame. When exhibited, each video channel would be independently projected or shown on a monitor.

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