This is a 14 second image sequence (Time-Lapse) of the nightsky in Iceland. This 14 second clip took a little more than 2 hours in filming and the total trip was 4-5 hours.
Edited in Adobe After Effects and GBDeflicker.

This was filmed by me and Bjarki Freyr Bjarnason.
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It is our first attempt at a timelapse so we of course ran into some problems. At the beginning we had to film with the moon in front of, but it was way higher in the sky than our crop. But the flare from the moon destroyed the first 10-15 minutes of shooting.

We also ran into some camera errors that resulted the rapid scene change in this video. We lost a couple of frames when fixing that.

We will definitely be more aware of these problems in our next timelapse soon to be filmed. Hopefully the weather will get better...

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