"to remember #1"

I asked a friend to think of a relationship they've had. Not necessarily a romantic one, but it can be one with their mother, father, grandparent, friend, family, acquaintance, or lover. I then asked them to close their eyes and meditate on that while played this song for them.

I then played the song again and asked them to click one of the dots and move the computer mouse around however they like for the duration of the song, directing the path of the dots, while the computer program recorded it.

On a separate occasion I asked another individual, who had no relation to the first individual to do the same. Without being able to see the path of the first dot, they moved their dot for the duration of the song.

I then played them together and was moved to see the narrative these two had created unknowingly and unconsciously.

disclaimer: I have edited the first and last 3 seconds of the movement of the dots only to create a smooth transition. Other than that nothing has been altered.


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