One Day Life is a video triptych exploring the hypothesis of a life lived in one singular day. This piece was catalyzed by Alan Lightman’s writing, in his book Einstein’s Dreams. The book considers various fictional places in which time exists far from the way we experience the phenomenon. One story depicted a place in which a person is born into the world and dies in the duration of one day. A second hypothesis to this approach considers this day to be stretched over the length of a lifetime.

Pairing this writing with an experience of my own, informed the selection of the content. In the summer of 2008 I visited St. Petersburg Russia. At this time of the year the sun would set into twilight at 2am. This skewed sense of time related with the approach stated above. I chose three photographs from this trip to relate to the passing of time in one day. Each film features abstract shapes superimposed on the background that grows but is then covered by a veil of black. At the end of each film the veil wipes towards the direction of the following film. In order from day to night, the films were arranged left to right, and played in sequence. The sound was selected to reflect the emotion of three moments of day. Morning rises with wonder and awe. Afternoon stretches the last of the sun into the sunset. Night waits ominously past the horizon.

Parsons The New School For Design
Class: Projected Environments
April 2011

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