Developer: EA Bright Light
Additional Spell Sound Design: Chris Don
Spell & Potion Sound Design: James Locke-Hart

I was asked to design the complete set of spells and potions for Harry, including variations for the companions and enemies. Each spell had a very different function and visual style in the game, therefore the audio was designed in a way to compliment each of these qualities. It was also very important that even though each spell had their own individual character, they all had to work together as a cohesive set.

The above isolated examples include a selection of spell casting (Protego: Shield spell and Expelliarmus: Disarming spell), Harry apparating (A form of magical teleportation) and potion launches and explosions.

Details of work:
- Spell sound design for Harry’s spells
- Spell sound design for companions and enemies
- Ricochets and pass-bys
- Implementation of all audio in Wwise.

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