SONIC MAN is a surreal version of the classic Sega Mega Drive Sonic The Hedgehog Saga.
Sonic has finally defeated Dr. Robotnic once and for all, but has underestimated Metal Sonic's intentions of retrieving all Chaos and Super Chaos Emeralds to destroy Planet earth

My college Tutor wanted me to play around with the colleges green screen to see my potential for grad work. I decided for my green screen experiment to conclude the SONIC MAN tale. The edit of the film was made over the Christmas holidays and was originally going to be a one minute trailer movie for the never coming SONIC MAN TWO(guess I got carried away and made the whole thing a under five minute short). The comedy headlines I had ready for trailer of ‘never coming’ SONICMAN TWO was ‘Shot on 3D Red Epic’ and ‘5.1 Surround sound.’

1) Length Sonic Two is considerably shorter. A lot of the complaints for Sonic one is its length, especially the end credits. Sonic 2 is less than half its length not at all to please the critics/ cynics but because of the sheer lack of time I have to make it the same length. The first film took nearly six months, the second film took one month. Using a green Screen saved A LOT of time. Masking frame by frame was a bit nutz, and that’s what I done in Sonic one.
2) CRASHHHHHH!! I upgraded to Sony Vegas 11 for Sonic Two. Did it make a difference? Nope! Same power/ weakness. The final Sky chase scene was thee most frustrating editing scene I encountered ever. Sony 11 wouldn’t save the marks of all my Linear blur and color correction placements. I had to constantly pray the freckn crash ‘Problem report’ wouldn’t pop up. If it did, half an hour of work will have to be done again. It would of been complete in half the time if Sony could handle multiple video tracks with effects!

If I had the time to make SONIC MAN TWO LONGER I WOULD…
1) Have knuckles more involved in the story. Knuckle’s role in this movie is the role he played in his very first appearance in the start of the classic ‘Sonic the Hedghog Three’. Knuckles bashes Super Sonic and steals his power source ‘Chaos Emeralds’, running away with them. Sarah Hardy is playing Knuckles because I originally thought Knuckles’s character to be a strong girl and was pretty surprised when his male voice appeared in recent Sonic game cut scenes.
2) Have Sonic and Metal have an epic battle when Metal turns giant. It’s obviously cut sort cos it would take waaaaaaaayy to long to edit.
3) Not have metal Sonic die so easily and have a more dramatic ending.

1) I only mentioned people I physically met in person on the movie credits. Yet another way I dramatically shortened Sonic 2
2) Besides the new composer below, every other composer is mentioned in the first Sonic Film.

Music used in Sonic Man 2 in order
‘Oil Ocean Zone Guitar’– beginning
‘Sky Sanctuary Zone Classic Sonic Generations’ ; Sonic Man Chasing Knuckles
‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Final Boss theme OC Remix – Youtube’ ; Metal Sonic’s growth transformationan
‘Super Sonic (Sonic four)’ ; Sonic transforming into Hyper Sonic
The music used for final zone ‘Sky chase’ I used a rock version of the ‘Axelay Level One Cover (Unkai) by youtube user djayvid’
Sonic Generations End Credits

SONIC MAN is a mere stepping stone to future projects that will have less copyright barriers. My next idea is inspired from the fluid motion and epic music of Prince of Persia SUPER NINTENDO (Although it will be titled differently). Love Sonic and Mario equally! I’m even thinking of doing a Super Mario Movie maybe in some year’s time.

Shot with Sony HDR-FX1E
Edited on Sony Vegas pro 11

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