Over Christmas I acquired a Sigma 28mm F/1.8 Macro lens, good for both wide and close-focus shots, and something my kit was fairly in need of (my previous wide was an old Canon 28mm FD with an EF converter). Instead of doing your typical lens test to try out what the Sigma 28mm is capable of I decided to take the lens with me to the beach for a mussel picking session, which evolved into a weird little cookery video starring my girlfriend, Kim.

The footage is in two halves - the beach section, which thanks to the rain and general Britishness of the weather has been graded, and the kitchen section which has not. This whole thing was also done completely impromptu and completely hand-held, no shoulder rigs/monopods. There's a faked 'glidetrack' shot in the kitchen which was actually me pushing the camera on the worktop's smooth surface.

I'm fairly impressed with the lens so far, although it fogged up quite a bit in the kitchen (as I'm sure you'll notice). In the wide it gets a bit soft towards the edges and for stills the auto focus can hunt around a bit to find the sweet spot. Still, I picked it up at a steal second hand and can't complain for that :)

Shot on Canon 5D MK II, mostly ungraded and in Neutral mode.

Lens: Sigma 28mm f1.8 EX DG Aspherical Macro

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