Shot list
0:00 - A kid walking down the road with a toy he made
0:13 - Erik and Maxwell walking from the airport to the car
0:14 - Part of the 5.5 hour drive from the airport
0:18 - Ransom Foundation International headquarters
0:21 - Erik visiting the headquarters for the first time
0:23 - Erik talking to Maxwell at Axim Beach Hotel
0:27 - Photo of an old CHF team up on the wall at the Ransom headquarters
0:29 - Walking through Esiama to the Ransom Foundation Academy
0:33 - Children at the Ransom Foundation Academy
0:36 - The child that was trampled in this shot was ok
0:46 - Visiting an orpanage in Esiama
0:52 - Orphans standing up and telling us what they would like to be when they grow up
1:06 - Handing out toys to the orphans
1:16 - Children reading the tags on their new Beanie Babies
1:21 - Maxwell with his new son, Charles
1:25 - A cross hanging on the mirror of the taxi we rode in
1:27 - The city of Takoradi
1:30 - Living Faith Ministry Church in Asesetre, Ghana
1:32 - Worship time at Living Faith
1:34 - Erik finishing up his teaching time at Living Faith
1:39 - Driving to visit Mercy Network churches
1:41 - Pastor Seth walking to a house in Bamiakor, Ghana
1:43 - Pastor Seth
1:45 - A Food Pak recipient
1:47 - Maxwell greeting two children who are also Food Pak recipients
1:49 - Pastor Seth with Margaret and her family in Bamiakor. They are Food Pak recipients
1:50 - A young girl we met as we walked around Bamiakor
1:56 - Driving through a market in Asesetre, Ghana
1:57 - Worship time at Living Faith Ministry church in Asesetre
2:01 - Special dance performance for CHF at Living Faith Ministry church.
2:05 - Erik addresses the church at Living Faith Ministry
2:07 - A pastor passionately thanks CHF for helping.
2:08 - A woman almost collides with a man pushing a wheel barrow in the Asesetre market
2:11 - We meet with Pastor Anthony Abi in Bonyere, Ghana
2:15 - Visiting the home of Elizabeth. One of the recipients of the Food Pak ministry in Bonyere
2:17 - Elizabeth has a physical disability and needs to walk on her hands to get around. It takes her over an hour to get to church.
2:20 - A baby and his monkey
2:23 - Visiting the home of Rebekah, another recipient of Food Paks in Bonyere
2:26 - The chief of Atwebanso. We had to meet with him to get his approval and hear his requests. He gave us a gift.
2:28 - Visiting the home of a family in Atwebanso who receives Food Paks
2:30 - What happens when you turn the viewfinder of the camera around so the kids can see themselves
2:41 - Children dancing at a Mercy Network church in Half Assini, Ghana
2:44 - The pastor of the church in Half Assini
2:46 - Children singing at the church in Half Assini
2:48 - Children watching the children sing in Half Assini
2:50 - The coast near the Ankobra Beach Resort
2:51 - Feeding time at the Ransom Foundation Academy in Esiama
2:56 - One of the students at the Ransom Foundation Academy filling out a "Mercy Is" sheet
3:02 - Plane ride to Northern Ghana
3:03 - Driving over 90 mph on an unpredictable road
3:05 - Looking out into the world, ready to die in a car crash
3:06 - The chief of Kpasenkpe, Ghana showing us the harvest
3:08 - A wise man of Kpasenkpe
3:09 - A community meeting in Wulugu, Ghana
3:10 - Erik accepting gifts from the pastor in Wulugu
3:12 - Some women from Wulugu
3:13 - Children at the Arigu Chldren's Home in Arigu, Ghana
3:15 - Preparing lunch at the Arigu Children's Home
3:23 - Jakob Emba praying for the lunch, he runs the children's home
3:25 - Children eating food

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