Software development projects have to be delivered by people working in stable teams. For any organisation considering delivering a business critical project, the key issues are where to get the right team members, how the team will be balanced in terms of skills, and then how the team will work with the management to successfully execute the plan. This is what we do for a living. Cake has used our decade+ of experience delivering innovative software projects to develop a unique approach to this difficult and complex area.

Traditionally, the options for resourcing software development projects have fallen into three categories:
In-sourcing: the use of your own full time workforce to deliver the project
Mid-sourcing: the use of temporary labour working under your own management
Out-sourcing: the use of a third-party organisation to deliver a project, usually with no level of shared risk
One-Team® builds on the keys strengths of all three approaches and together with Cake’s agile methodology and experienced management team delivers an innovative high quality solution to the challenge of development projects.

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