Together with "Refunk" we created a personalized viral video for a campaign by the Dutch government to create awareness of cybercrime and online identity theft.

The concept, created by "KONG Amsterdam", is fairly straightforward: You go to a special website, where you are presented a form where you can enter personal information about your friend. This friend will get an email, telling that he was just on a television channel (RTL4). The email also contains a URL. The friend clicks on the URL and sees a special page on the website of the television channel with their personalized video.

The personalized video loads personal data, like Facebook or LinkedIn pictures, provided by people search engine "Wieowie" One of the cyber criminals holds an iPad, we dynamically load the pictures, tags and other information and show it on the iPad’s screen. A little bit further in the video we show the friends name on a credit card. And yet a little bit further we show a Dutch passport with the victim’s name and photo.

In the video there’s also a phone conversation with a women named Saskia, she says the name of the victim and the city the victim lives in. The audio conversion was done by "Refunk", through a text to speech server from "Loquendo"

All of this can be seen only by the victim. To get a taste you can send it to your friends to the form at ""

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