This film examines the transformation of Dybbøl battlefield into one of the most important places of memory for the Danish people; a site which came to represent both catastrophic loss and the rebirth of a nation.
Professor Inge Adriansen, Curator of the Museum Sønderjylland, and CRIC Director Dr Marie Louise Stig Sørensen of Cambridge University describe the development of the site. The varying political and emotional claims that are made through commemorative practices at Dybbøl are examined.
Prussia's  decisive victory at Dybbøl in 1864 initiated the campaign for a greater Germany, while Denmark’s defeat defined the emergence of a new nation. CRIC’s Dybbøl research provides a long term perspective on the way symbolic landscapes in Europe can change in use and meaning. The film also shows how today's memorial events at Dybbøl are being adapted to promote European reconciliation.

For CRIC's DRESDEN RESEARCH PRESENTATION at Cambridge University on the reconstruction of Dresden and the city's troubled remembrance demonstrations go to:


© Film CRIC research project.
© Still Images :Professor Inge Adriansen and Museum Sønderjylland. No reuse without permission.
Interview: Lindy Fleming
Animation: Prosper Unger-Hamilton

The CRIC Research project is funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme

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