[2012] Single Channel Video / Sound / 5 min 29 sec
(싱글채널비디오, Video Choreography, 댄스씨네마, 비디오안무)

For viewing the full length work, please contact EyeSyncWorks@yahoo.com 전체 작업을 보시려면 옆 이메일로 연락 주십시요.

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As a video artist, with a background in psychology, media studies and film editing, one of my aims has been to explore the concept of “actuality,” by capturing transient moments in “real/routine” life on video only to bring out the surreal, unexpected and at times absurd and fantastic qualities that are latent in these moments. Drawing on what are perceived as people’s actual daily activities—both public and private performances of self—¬I discover the sense of abnormality and the unnaturalness that adheres to seemingly natural, if not ritualistic activities. This process yields results that appear staged and artificial in a way signifying my view that the “real” reveals a notably subjective perception of the world. This process entails varying degrees of manipulating the footage (sound/images) of “actual” events.

Accompanying this practice, I have been experimenting with creating videos that are themselves a kind of performance. This again is about capturing ephemeral moments/movements in and outside of rehearsals that otherwise would disappear into time, only to re-aestheticize them as self-contained pieces, such as in this case a dance theater work in a video form.
These video-performances also appear deliberately choreographed despite the absence of a plan between the dancer and the video artist (myself), throughout the filming, and that the video is made in a most liberal fashion regardless of the dancer’s intention.

In treating the notion of such actualities, my work negotiates the boundaries between such genres as documentary and [non]narrative films, digital art and advertisements in terms of conveying messages.

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