January 7, 2012 - For the final night of my gallery show I did live-video mixing performances titled "Synthesiz" at Get This! Gallery on 11th Street with Atlanta-based drone-rock ensemble Lyonnais. This video brings the viewer into the gallery space, and gives them a brief emotional glimpse of my live video mixing in action.

Dustin Chamber of the Creative Loafing described the work as; " Bean's organically evolving lo-fi imagery. Ben Worley came from a painting and fine art background, though has been "painting" with multiple overlaid video tracks for 10 years now. He feels like there's a disconnect between music and art in Atlanta, and hoped to fuse them together with these gallery performances." 1/8/2012 clatl.com/atlanta/lyonnais-at-get-this-gallery/Slideshow?oid=4525192.

Also check out images from the show by John E. Ramspott from Burnaway.org at flickr.com/photos/burnaway/sets/72157628771003221/

Thanks for viewing.-Bean

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