Arrangement, 2012, single channel video + sculpture
60in x 88in x 72in, floral foam, wood, flowers

Arrangement reverses the tradition of floral arrangement and satirizes the cliché of beauty. It explores the paradoxical task of beauty making, while examining the binary notions of in/out, construction/destruction, harmony/disharmony, life/death, and natural/artificial. Unlike a normal floral arrangement, the subject is located inside the object and the act of arrangement and construction start from the very opposite but inevitable act of destruction. A hemisphere of green foam resembles the globe, despite being fully artificial. Flowers emerging from the dome speak to the process of growth, but also allude to death and artificiality.
Arrangement is realized as performance video and sculpture. While the video is surrealistic, ignoring gravity and orientation, the object, the evidence of performance, remains with dead flowers and destroyed structure.

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