This is the first installment in a series of works done for the launch of the new Mountain Dew logo. The spot features one of Dew’s athletes, P-rod, mashed up into a visual and auditory stew and spit out for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for more…


Directed by Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Art Director: Yker Moreno
Animation Director: Gareth OʼBrien
Animator: Gareth O’Brien, Jon Gorman, Conrad Ostwald, Pete McDonald, Emmet Dzieza
Animation Intern: Rob Wienk
Roto: David Marte, Will Frazier, Carlos Rosario, Chris Riemann
Editor: Sam Goetz
Head of Production: Kate Treacy
Producer: Erica Hirshfeld
Production Coordinator: Kevin Hall

Client: Pepsi-Cola Company
Executive Producer: Barry Rosen
Director: Marisol Tamaro
Senior Manager: Brett O’Brien
Manager: Lisa Grey

Music/Sound Design Company: Cypher Audio
Music/Sound Design: John Black

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