Transformers Packshot made for Foxtel ON DEMAND, Sydney.

Producer: Adam Lorking
Motion Graphics: Grischa Theissen

All done in After Effects & Cinema 4D.

When I first got the brief for Transformers I thought about a tutorial I saw a while back done by Alexander Alexandrov at Amateurmedia:

Because the Transformers franchise has more or less the same look through all three films I had to stick to the typical Transformers look.

My idea was to break the text into three parts and to have them "unfold" during the animation. I wanted the pieces to be a bit bigger instead of small particles and I was trying to give it a robotic animation by offsetting the text rotation.
I used the polyfx and some effectors to rip the text apart. It gave me more control over the animation and I was able to offset different parts using Falloff.

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