Nostalgic is driven by style.
Style is a passion for excellence, a passion for adventure,
A taste for the finer things in life.

La dolce vita!

It began with a love story
A love story with Julietta,
Julietta Alfa Romeo.

And a romance with Tuscany.

With its fine food and fine wines,
its stunning landscapes and inspiring culture

a sense of well being
that gives you the space to reflect and recharge your energies.

These are experiences and emotions that can last a lifetime
and transform your way of living.

The wines of Chianti are among the most cherished in the world,
they unfold in elegant bouquets of flavor and aroma.
Cultivated and combined by master winemakers

The tastes of Tuscany are here to be discovered and enjoyed
thanks to generations of secret family recepies,
combinations of pure ingredients
subtly combined with love, inspiration,
and as always,
driven by style.

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