Handouts available at bit.ly/handouts

The children's ministry at Journey Christian Church conducted a workshop for teachers and parents titled, "A God-Centered Gospel for Children." The goal of the workshop was to equip ourselves to more faithfully and effectively proclaim the Gospel and to invite children to respond with faith and repentance.

Part 1 (Proclaiming and Inviting Response to the Gospel vimeo.com/34911625) provided a biblical foundation in what the Gospel is, how God saves, and how to think through the methods we use in light of these truths.

Part 2 (Demonstration of God-Centered Gospel in a Classroom Lesson vimeo.com/34903559/) provided a demonstration of how one might proclaim the Gospel in the context of a lesson.

Part 3 (Instructions for Small Group Exercise vimeo.com/34913437) involved small group practice and discussion. The scenario and instructions given to participants is provided in the video recording.

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