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In this video tutorial that was created for Future Music Magazine, Dubspot Instructor Matt Cellitti explains how to use and manipulate powerful multi-fx programs in Native Instruments' Maschine. Cellitti is co-designer and developer of our Maschine program, along with our very own Heinrich Zwahlen. This is the definitive program for high quality training on Maschine's hardware/software combination. Classes will be available in our school in New York City and at Dubspot Online this month.

One of the most powerful aspects of Maschine is the ability to quickly create patterns on the fly. Maschine users are well aware of how easy it is to record a drum pattern, duplicate it, and add variations. What might not be so obvious to some is how easily we can create patterns for effects as well. A pattern in Maschine does not have to always include "note" values, but rather, we can create elaborate, expanding patterns using nothing but the automation of effect parameters.

Maschine will allow you to route any sound into an "FX Group", similar to how we experience Sends and Returns inside of your favorite recording programs. Unlike most DAWs however, Maschine will allow you to save a complex Multi FX chain that also includes up to 64 patterns of effect automation. So imagine being able to pull up a crazy delayed-flanging-pitched-FM modultaing-reverby-grain stretched effect that will evolve over the course of your song because you are able to sequence effect changes much like you would a drum pattern. So do yourself a favor and go create some trippy effect chains and that will spice up your drum and instrument tracks. This is a sure fire way to make sure you don't fall into the repetitive electronic music rut, where your patterns just loop over an over without much change.

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