This is a solo performance by the multi-talented Peter Brice, singing "The United States and the Macedonian", whose lyrics were written in the 1800's (see, which gives the date as 1813). However, the tune that it is sung to (called the "air'') was composed by Peter himself, who also kindly gave his permission to post this video. This was recorded at the 333 Coffeehouse ( on 2011-12-16.

Peter's introduction mentions how the song is about a battle in the early 1800's between the United States Navy and the British Navy - USS United States vs HMS Macedonian. ( This battle turned out to be not just a quite famous Naval battle but also a famous victory in the United States' struggle for independence, making Stephen Decatur, who commanded the USS United States, an American hero. Decatur held the rank of Commodore (USN), which is roughly equivalent to what we would today call a Rear Admiral (lower half).

Musical artist:
Peter Brice
The United States and the Macedonian
Peter Brice

Posted by permission of Peter Brice.

Video and editing by me.

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