"In Between Time and Memory"
Originally installed with ladder
at Blanc Compound for Hom(e/age),
a Solo Art Project by J. Pacena II

Captured using Canon7D, Canon G9 and iPhone4
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

This video is part of an installation art wherein you need to climb a ladder in order for you to view the content of this piece and put on the available earphones in order to hear the sound.

Intended to be part of an experience, as to breakaway from the structures of the gallery space and view this piece in a different perspective.

this 13 minute video art is suggesting the audience to either concentrate on the actual audio-visual piece as one cohesive material or can treat it separately. Making the video just the visual component and the audio as a random sound not directly related to what you are watching.

The idea here is to present the documented memories. As random sound and images appear, disappear and reappear, depending on how long will you intend to stay or how long do you intend to revisit a certain memory.

This also represents the moment of watching a day pass by from a closed window...that at some point you loose focus and see an entirely different thing. In this scenario, what you see is different from what you are hearing but somehow, your mind connects both.

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