Recently, I was having a great conversation about Kelly Marie of Fleur Inc. [] with my new friend, Heather Lynne Vickery from Greatest Expectations Special Events & Weddings, Inc. []. We were talking about Kelly's love of nature and she connected it with the author Ralph Waldo Emerson. Kelly, herself, uses an Emerson quote on her website and Logan Square location store front, "…the earth laughs in flowers."

After my conversation with Heather, I came home and read the following from one of Emerson's essays touching on Nature's effect on man's soul:

"…of Nature itself upon the soul; the sunrise, the haze of autumn, the winter starlight seem interlocutors; the prevailing sense is that of an exposition in poetry; a high discourse, the voice of the speaker seems to breathe as much from the landscape as from his own breast; it is Nature communing with the seer."

This inspired me to create a piece that shows the harmony between Kelly Marie and nature she sculpts. Instead of focusing on the depth of who Kelly is, with this piece I decided to showcase the beauty and process of what she does.

Note to prospective clients: The look and feel of my films are derived from the subjects in them. Each film has different characters that drive the story. It's my duty to find what is inside each of my characters and pull it out. This is where a film gets its look and feel. For example David Lynch directed the following three completely different looking and feeling films: Eraser Head (1977), Elephant Man (1980), The Straight Story (1999). All three of these films are shot with totally different styles and have completely different tones. The films styles are influenced by the story and characters in them. But if you look closely you can feel some similarities in the lighting and staging he uses, and also the manner in which he directs his actors. The same is true for how I create my films. I let the characters and the story guide the look and feel of the films I create.

Not everyone living in the big city has a heart from the big city.



Kelly Marie
Owner + Designer at Fleur Inc. Chicago

Caleb Yono
Designer at Fleur Inc. Chicago

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