Now presenting my first narrative! (Pardon the audio--You should've heard the rough assembly!)

"Loved working on the movie with you"
-Laura Conner, Actress

"I'm really impressed by the way the lighting and angles came out, and you did a great job on the editing! I haven't acted in a college project film that came out so unique and professional...nice work!"
-Veronica Farren, Actress


A teenage girl once again finds herself outside half naked, and covered in dirt and blood. As dawn approaches, her faithful but secretly envious bff picks her up as usual. The teens are having difficulty keeping the secrets that she's pregnant, and... that she also contracted lycanthropy!

This video was produced for college credit and not for profit. The current use of the song "She Wolf" by Shakira (Sony Music Entertainment) is protected by Fair Use in the United States.

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