I had a cold this week so decided to make a video that was easy on the movement. I stood on the corner of MLK and Clifton in Cincinnati, OH, and held signs proclaiming my sexual orientation and identity for all to see. Jane Meek valiantly stood in for Will to do the filming.

At first, my motivation was my interest in the image of standing on a street corner with a sign. I thought it was a powerful visual idea-- a, person vs. car and connection vs. passer-by, moment. But as I did the performance, the experiment settled in a deeper, more meaningful place.

This video became an exploration of out-ness, of hidden identities and the choice to make them public. What does it mean to have an identity that can be covered up so effectively? What does that do to a person? I realized the piece was extremely site-specific. I would never have thought to do this piece when I was living in Providence or Boston. Cincinnati, with all of its closets, all of its keeping our truths and differences inside, was what made me want to stand on a street corner, advertising mine. It became my rumination on the legacy of Harvey Milk.

I hope you enjoy.



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