Voice over: Eduardo Rego, the voice for the BBC Wildlife and Planet
Earth documentaries in Portugal.

Here are the big belly people. The big belly people are spreading everywhere. Their main feature is a big belly, but because of this we must not mistake them for the fat people. They can be amusing and pleasant, but they are very, very sedentary.
They never take any exercise and they eat whatever they want. There are many different types of big belly person and the largest of them can have a 60-inch waist, and all of their lives are at risk
Excessive fat produces various toxins that can harm the heart and the blood vessels. This is the source of heart attacks strokes and diabetes. Our mission is to save the big belly people.

Agency. Partners
Client. Portuguese Cardiology Foundation
Director. Carlos Fofi Cipriano
Director of Photography. Natas
Production Designer. Carlos Fofi Cipriano
Costume Designer. Arranca Corações
Production. Garage films
Post Production. Bikini
Editor. Marcos Castiel
Voice over: Eduardo Rego.
2006, 16mm

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