This is the behind the scenes doc of my latest film FLINCH - A Screen Play by Carl V. Rossi

FLINCH - In the world of drug busting things can get a little hairy. But in the world of marriage one thing is certain -- you have to watch your back! Tensions mount as a couple of married narcotics officers not only have to contend with their mission -- rescuing one of their own while taking down a notorious drug lord -- but their own emotions as well! It's till death do us part but will this tale have a happy ending or will it crash and burn at the proverbial altar?

The Behind-the-Scenes Documentary

Director: John Allan Keitel
Producer: Chris Sgaraglino
Editor: John Allan Keitel
Camera Operators: John Allan Keitel, Trystan Sgaraglino, Michael P. Angier
Still Photography: Lynn Allan
Music: Footage Firm, Inc.

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