Probably nothing is more important to your success in this industry than getting the proper support early. This is a huge factor in the speed you get started, the time it takes before you feel comfortable, and how quickly you begin to earn serious money.

When you choose to partner with Your Money Tree Club, you are joining an all-encompassing network of guidance, support, and direction. There is an entire infrastructure in place for your success.

It starts at the top...

We have assembled the strongest management team ever put together for a start-up operation in this industry. In fact, you could make a strong argument that Your Money Tree Club leadership offers more knowledge, skill, and successful experience than many companies that began years ahead! This team serves as your "advance guard," insulating you from challenges, clearing obstacles, and creating a clear track for you to run on.

Here are the ways this support structure can help you:
Our aggressive international expansion offers you tremendous potential for income and leverage;
A worldwide network of our Business Briefings provides strong recruiting support;
Experienced management avoids making mistakes that slow down growth and affect your progress;
Powerful back office software allows you to track and manage your business online;
The breakthrough design of the compensation plan rewards productive behavior, ensuring better duplication — to build depth and security in your organization.
The experience of the dynamic field leaders can guide you to the best business practices;
*There are the best in business building training;
The strong customer service department takes care of your customers and provides you residual income security;
Our Professional Advisory team is there to answer your questions, provide research, and ensure credibility;
The Advisory Board is in place to serve as your liaison between team members and the corporate staff;
We have regular Leadership Webinars and Conference Calls to help train your team.

All of this support structure is in place for one reason: to help you reach success. Your Money Tree Club has spared no expense to provide you with the strongest support network in the industry. If you're ready to build your dreams — we are here to help you do it!

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