WWU COMM101 WINTER 2012 Facilitator Bayly Peterson with some words for our Instructor Assistants this quarter...

Today ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to facilitate you, and more honored to lead you in to your first few weeks of winter quarter. There is another honor bestowed upon you, and that is the answer that comes with this question: Who am I? I'm an IA! That's right, and I need you all to remember that throughout this quarter.
I will critique what has not been critiqued; negative comments will not be in my creed. I will always endeavor the prestige, honor, and respect of this program. I have trained my mind and clear speech will follow. Who am I? I'm an IA!
I will acknowledge the fact that students start at varying levels of ability, but I will adapt my skills for them. Judgment will not be in my heart, I will look to my students and to those who have trained me and I will draw strength from them. Who am I? I'm an IA!
I will gladly walk out in front of my class, and I will move with a purpose, spreading throughout the room to gain the attention of everyone in the audience…and when I move I will maintain eye contact, I will have body language which captivates my students, because they are engrossed in what I have to say. Who am I? I'm an IA!
To my side I may have a partner, a partner that will grade with me and share an office hour. Edit through well written AND poorly written outlines, never will I procrastinate! Never will I turn them in late! Never will I not share the effort, and the students will know our heart. Who am I? I'm an IA!
Like and Um, those are not in my vocabulary, I do not understand those definitions. I do not understand when it is ever a good idea to use verbal fillers…but I do understand this. I understand anxiety and I understand the fear of public speaking! No matter how bad a speech is, I will always have a constructive love sandwich for that student. Who am I? I'm an IA!
My students will remember me, I will not worry about them reading off flashcards, I will be sure they use emphasis. I will be sure they use vocalized pauses! I will never leave a student confused, not without giving everything I have got…because who am I? I'm an IA! Who am I?? I'm an IA! Who am I??? I'm an IA!!

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