I have been working on Warped Tour for charitable causes for five years. Over the years I kept getting asked the same questions over and over, "What's it like to work for a non-profit on tour?" and "How did you get the job?" I realized before the summer of 2011 that I should make a documentary, to try to answer these questions.

Representing the Dear Jack Foundation these past two summers, I was able to get some great footage of working throughout the day and tour life during my off time.

I am essentially doing all the editing, producing, and mixing myself. The majority of it was filmed by me, maybe a minute here and there the camera was passed off.

If you are interested in helping fund this project, you can purchase the documentary poster at:

You can get a 12x18 poster print for $12 along with a freebie (free shipping, except international).

If you'd like another print from the store, the link is:

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