Directed, Recorded and Edited by Sascha Alexander Grenner aka OXXID

After a couple of months playing and messing around jumping from different places, I came with the idea of a suicide jump from above the enemy's base as a crazy way to survive an enemy attack and it actually turned out well when I discovered that jumping from an exactly poit the physics of the hog dont seem affected by the jump as long as you go through a precise space.

This jump which I called "The Kamikaze Leap of Faith" is what the video is all about, I also have included a few unique but funny jumps performed by my partner in crime =DG=Wildboy and myself.

Special thanks to =DG=Wildboy for the patience starring at more than half of the jumps while I was recording and repeating the takes over and over again without complaining not even a bit :) Thank you very much partner in crime!

This wouldn't have been possible to be "filmed" so easily without the help of «US»Smoke aka =DG=Smoke, who allowed his Clan Server only for the two of us just for the making of this video, so THANKS VERY MUCH Smoke!

Also I would like to thank those who kindly agreed to help me even when some of the shots weren't included after all because of a few last moment changes on my concept about the final work.

Thanks go for the spartans:

(Sorry if I forget someone let me know!)

All footage was recorded IN GAME with Xfire and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.

© 1991 - 2012 Bungie, Inc. All rights reserved.
© 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Music by House of Pain “Jump Around” (© Copyright 1992)
All rights reserved.

Music suggested by Wildboy.

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