Video for the title track of my debut solo EP "Run Away With Me", The genre of this track can best be described as "hip-pop" - a blend of hip hop and pop.
Music by me, music credits & lyrics over here:

The video was made as a joint venture between two different educational programs at the University of Gävle ( "Creative Computer Graphics (CCG)" and "Graphic Storytelling and Sequential Arts", end credits by my Canadian subpublisher Dianne Murray/Victorian Underground Music.

Here it is over on my Youtube channel without the credits:

All credits are at the end but here is the list:
Group 1
** 3D-models, animations, special effects and editing.
Mikael Häggbom
Pär Linde
Niklas Stagvall
Max Norderfeldt

** Storyboards, 2D arts and animations.
Ronald Betfjord
Sissel Gustafsson
Lovisa Hedman
Sandra Johansson
Jessica Karlsson
Sabrina Oja

Mixed and mastered by Ollie Olson (Ice-T, Coolio, Teddybears STHLM, Robyn, Christian Falk, Christian Walz....)

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