This is a 2-minute timelapse of the 2 hours it takes to put together the Dynamic Perception DollyShield DIY Kit. The instructions are easy to follow and I've included each step as a title overlay in the video.

1. You should either already know how to solder or at least have soldered before. This is not something you want to do as your first soldering project.
2. Using a helping hand really helps ... I made my own :)
3. Resistors ... easy (and easy to miss some - I forgot a few, but then caught my mistake when I had parts left over about half way through)
4. ICs ... no problem, once you have bent the two sets of legs to be parallel - a skill I learned during my studies for a BSEE :)
5. Opto-Coupler ... same as IC
6. TrimPot ... easy
7. TRansistors ... no problem
8. Ceramic Capacitors ... as easy as the resistors (only 4)
9. LED ... easy
10. TRS Jacks ... there is no harder task in life than to put in the 3 TRS Jacks! The little plastic guide legs have ridges on them which makes it impossible to "gently" push them through the board. This was the most frustrating part of the build by far (unless of course the whole doesn't work - yet to be tested)
11. Pushbuttons ... easy and fun
12. Motor Jacks ... easy, but an excersize in trying to fill a "giant" hole with solder when there seems to be nothing to solder to - the trick is to solder the legs on, then "simply" introduce more and more solder until the hole is flooded
13. Electrolyte Capacitors ... easy
14. there is no step 14 (?)
15. Arduino Male Headers ... relatively easy. Would have been easier with something to clamp them down with (to ensure they are straight)
16. LCD ... same as headers. I did not use stand-offs, but did solder the header at the very far end so that the LCD "floats" off. I may add stands-off when I figure out how to enclose it.

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