We didn't. We had. Why?

Raphaela Rose

The twenties: a time of change and inconsistency. Traditional, social structures break open and are replaced by a society that is hard to overview. The pace of life increases. In arts and culture there is no longer one dominating stream, but many different ones co-existing. In Literature the Montagetechnique is introduced: A principle of combining already existing textforms such as letters, protocols and newspaper articles. Montage approaches topics from different perspectives and this creates moments of surprise. The attempt to picture the increasingly complex reality. The collection incorporates the technique of montage and transfers it to fashion. Elements of painting, film, literature and culture of the 1920´s are brought together and function as sources of inspiration for material, colour combination and cut. Bauhaus, Kurt Schwitters, the films of Fritz Lang, self confident women such as Amelia Earheart and Josephine Baker and mens fashion of the twenties were such sources.

Edged Showroom
18 - 20 TH OF JANUARY 2012
Brunnenstraße 170
10119 Berlin
Raum G

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