2011 / HDV / Duration: 9'30"

Actors: Anna Schmidt & Stefan Kriekhaus
Camera: Julia Kapella
Editing: Steffi Niederzoll
Translation: Alexander Filyuta
Production & Direction: Ciarán Walsh

Two actors sit in a production studio re-performing the original Russian dialogue (a language in which they have no knowledge) of two short sections of the 1972 film Solaris. Caught in the looped repetition of their projection, they struggle against the limits of this alien language and fragmented staging, in the attempt to create meaning and emotional verisimilitude. The characters they work to bring briefly to life - ghosts that inhabit only the space of the screen - argue over their memories, their clouded past and their lack of sense of Being.

[First shown at the solo exhibition 'this brief visual pattern' at Pallas Projects (Dublin) - 08/10/11—12/11/11]


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