'Moth' is a University Project. The video uses ideas or theories surrounding moths.
During the video I have explored areas such as; the moths life cycle, the moths attraction to artificial light, the variety of patterns and shapes that make a moth illustrating how different they can be to one another and the names given to moths.

I will mock or make light of this as I have noticed that moths are given quite humorous names. Sometimes their names are utterly ridiculous and other times it seems that the names can be a case of say what you see.

The first moth that appears on screen will be given its correct name and from then on I have made them up. They will gradually get more and more outrageous. The idea is that the viewer will not realise that the names are made up until the video is quite some way through, proving my point that Moths are already given ridiculous names.

The video was made to fit in with a very talented young lingerie designers brand. Here is her Blogg; aimeemariejackson.blogspot.com/

'Clean art' Filmed in Hastings. 'Clean art' created by; zeroh and Paul 'Moose' Curtis.

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