Music from the following albums of mine: (acoustic/dreamlike) (electronica/IDM) (alt/rock/industrial)

Visuals predominantly sourced (with permission) from the Demoscene and Prelinger archives, full credits list here:

This is an hour-long "music film" I made many many moons ago, back when I still believed in myself and the world!
It's a little jarring at first, but you'll soon get used to the juxtaposition of real and false very quickly.
The quality of the footage is not the point of the film (which will make it unbearable for most filmmakers..), the point is to bring unseen things to new eyes-
namely, the old beautiful archival footage from the prelinger archives, and the work of the demoscene, in combination with my music.

Together it is meant to symbolize the cycle of a day, from dawn till dusk, till dream (dream section is the best IMO).

Note: May not be suitable for folk with photosensitive epilepsy.

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