Background to the production of the music videos for 'In Between' & 'One More Time On The Merry Go Round' on location in Paris.

Wouter Hamel spends a few days filming on location in Paris producing music-videos for the new songs from of his recent album 'Nobody's Tune' .

Wouter and the production crew shoot a couple of videos all at once, because both Wouter and the Corrino Films crew wanted to make a series of videos in the spirit of the French New Wave in cinematography, or 'Nouvelle Vague'.

These early films are famous for their use of music and dynamic camera-work. One of the best-known 'Nouvelle Vague' films, entitled 'Ascenseur pour l'échafaud', was accompanied by a soundtrack by Miles Davis (the famous jazz trumpet-player). This short movie is the starting point for the shoot for the music video 'In Between'.

The video for 'One More Time On The Merry Go Round' is based on the movie 'À bout de souffle' (Breathless) written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Wouter and music-video director Joost Ruigrok (Corrino Films) worked on some nice approaches and techniques in these music-videos that reflect upon the original screenplays.

If you have the opportunity to watch the original movie 'Breathless', or indeed you've already seen it, you might notice elements of the movie cinematographic style in the music-videos produced for 'One More Time On The Merry Go Round' and 'In Between'.

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